Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Special Weapon Conversions

Not too much painting been going on recently, as last night I was playing a game against a friends Sisters of Battle (I killed a Canoness with a 2+ Invul save with lasgun fire! hussar!) and tonight I've been trying my hand at converting some special weapons.

I've never liked the old style flamers, with the 'sprinkler attachment' on the end, so first thing was to convert one of these to look like the newer ones:

First, remove the 'sprinkler' end from the weapon, being careful to leave the hand holding the grip intact (shown below):

Then, simply cut a plastic flamer (I used the one from the Catachan sprues) at the point where the 'barrels' attach to the main 'body' of the weapon, and re-attach it to the metal body. Simples!

I'm working on a Plasma gun conversion at the moment as well, made from a basic lasgun wielding trooper and greenstuff. I would use Col. Gravis's method for plasma gun conversions, but I don't have enough melta guns to spare! (I'm blaming you for that Gravis ;) ) I'll post pics for the plasma gun when I've finished it tomorrow - at the moment, I'm waiting for GS to cure!


  1. I'll take that blame lol, though in fairness I did sell off several suplus Meltaguns a while back ;)

    I look forward to seeing the Lasgun conversion.

    The flamer is indeed a ncie simple conversion, but it makes a major difference and improvement to the models. I not huge on using flamers but I have a few done using the same method.

  2. I must admit, I never used to include flamers that often, preferring plasma or melta guns in my units, but realised rather quickly that with BS 3 they weren't really worth the points cost. Even with a low AP value, I find flamers more than make up for their points cost, even against power armoured enemies.

    I've still got a little bit of detail to do on the plasma gun, but I'll post it as soon as its ready!