Monday, 3 January 2011

Size Matters...

My Imperial Guard army has now become the first army I've been collecting that features 'old-style' metal models, alongside 'new-style' plastics, and something annoying has grabbed my attention - the obvious difference in size. Look at these two models:

The left is one of the original metal sergeants; the one on the right is a plastic conversion I've made from bits and GS. Even without his head and pith helmet (on the way from Secret Weapon Miniatures) the plastic model is already almost as tall as his metal counterpart. But aren't both these miniatures meant to be the same size? 28mm 'Heroic'?

When I measured the metal sergeant and a plastic Catachan sergeant, I was surprised to find that the metal Praetorian sergeant was 28mm... while the Catachan was 32mm... and the Catachan doesn't even have a helmet!

So how did this happen? Either the Praetorian isn't 'Heroic' scale (which is possible) or possibly, GW is making its models bigger than the 28mm' Heroic' scale they claim to be, so that other companies models don't match up with them, forcing us to buy GW models (seriously, would you put it past them, considering you can't use non-GW models in your armies at tournaments and in store?)

This got me to thinking... if the metal Praetorians aren't 'Heroic' scale, then the other older metal Guardsmen aren't either - including the Mordian Iron Guard. That would mean that it would be a simple head swap with the heads from Empress Miniatures:

Admittedly, they're not as good as the heads from Col.Gravis, and I'd have to take the regiment badges off the piths, but even with all that work and effort, it would still save me a HELL of a lot of money buying Praetorians off eBay!


  1. Yeah, the new plastics are bigger. It also makes Space Marines look smaller by comparison!

    Love the sculpts, mate, and the painting works fine. As for the cuffs and facings? Was it a 'bottle' green? If so that might work, but anything lighter may just make it look too busy. Maybe any green would.

    Just my twopenn'orth - I'm rubbish with colour.

    - D.

  2. Thanks for the thumbs up Admiral! I'm pretty happy with my first little conversion, and its helped me realise where I need to make alterations for the next couple that I do.

    As for the colour, historically, the facings colour for the 5th Regiment was 'gosling green' - which is still used by the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers today. It's described as a yellowish green, similar to the colour of some snake skins, which, is actually a bit lighter than I've done it on my models.

    As you said though, it would make the model 'too busy' if I painted the cuffs that colour, so I deliberately darkened it down to the colour in the pictures. And you said you're rubbish with colour? pshaw!