Monday, 17 January 2011


Hello again everyone, and may I first say a big 'Sorry!' for not posting another update sooner. Unfortunately a combination of essays, dissertation and a baby with teething pains have left me with very little free-time and sleep to get any painting done!

One shining beacon of happiness for me though, is the rapid growth of my Praetorian army! Another 50 troopers, plus several special weapons, heavy weapons, command models, etc have joined my ranks, meaning I now have a full platoon, plus spares! hussar!

One other bit of great news is my order of Col. Gravis's fabulous pith helmeted heads have arrived, as well as an order I placed with Forgeworld, leading to the creation of this fine fellow:

I'd seen this done before - it's a simple head swap using Col.Gravis's heads and the Death Korps of Kreig command models. I plan to do an entire command squad using these models, as I think it helps them satand out as a Company Command. Quick thing to note though... Col. Gravis's head sculpts really are FANTASTIC. The detail is sooo much better than the pith helmeted heads on GW Praetorians, and certainly worth getting them (hint hint!)

Anyways, must be off as more uni work to do, but I do have a game against a large Nids force tomorrow - hopefully the two new Banewolf tanks I have will be helpful!

Speak soon :)


  1. Just thought I'd note, the coat, pith and details aren't finished yet - But I wanted to show everyone I haven't been sitting around for the last week!