Saturday, 1 January 2011

First pictures!

Ok, apologies about the quality of the pictures, but still new to all this, so sorry if they're blurry/big/too bright/etc.

I painted this trooper as a 'test' model to see how the paint scheme I'd chosen would work - obviously the red tunic/blue trousers was a must, but I wanted to see how the little details would look.

I went for a white belt and pouches, a la the 24th foot, as I felt it popped out from the uniform. With the combat knife sheath, I originally went for a silver colour, but it looked awful, so a bronzed effect it was! Yellow epaulettes were, again, pretty much a must, but its the cuffs that have been giving me the most questions - should I leave them blue, (as in the photos) so they match the trousers, or should I go for a green, as the 1879 British uniform has?

Obviously, comments would be appreciated, criticism as well! Just be gentle, first post with pictures, and all that!

I'm painting the sergeant for the squad at the moment, and another couple of troopers, so I'll post those pictures up as soon as they're finished.


  1. The white webbing works for me, i'd go with yellow cuffs but that may not be in keeping or maybe blue for troopers green for nco's and yellow/gold for officers.

  2. I like the idea of having different colours for the different ranks - I'll have a try at it and see what you think!

  3. Looks a solid start!

    To enter into the cuffs discussion remember that the cuffs on historical uniform vary according to the Regiment, though you dont need to follow that at all of course, I think for the 5th that would be green.

    Does your camera have a macro mode? This would help with your pictures, the mode normally has a little flower as a symbol and lets you take pictures close up of small subjects like models.