Sunday, 2 January 2011

Painting completed so far...

Quick update on what I've been doing so far:

Finished the sergeant and a kneeling trooper to go with the standing trooper I finished the other day. I really want to try and get a couple of units that are in firing poses, standing and kneeling, but it's proving hard to find those specific models - I'm guessing lots of people have had the same idea!

I've also managed to get hold of 11 more Praetorians (thank you eBay!), including one carrying a melta gun, meaning that so far I have:

1 sergeant
1 flamer
1 grenade launcher
1 melta gun
1 missile launcher
3 lascannons
17 basic troopers

You may notice - a lack of officers. Yep, something I'm hoping to rectify in the future. I've seen a great conversions using the Death Korps officer model (simple head swap) that I'm thinking of doing, but also using the entire command squad. I really want to try and find some plumed helmets to give them a 'horseguards' look. Also, I'm hoping to add a couple of units of Rough Riders, in the style of the 17th Lancers - just got to find a decent lance arm.

Also, decided to go with green cuffs on my Praetorians, as (as Col. Gravis rightly informed me) the British Army 5th regiment of foot did have that colour on their facings. One thing I'm not too sure about though is whether to use the green on the trim of the jackets as well as the cuffs.

I'm also thinking of trying out a white primer for my models rather than black, as I'm finding that the red jackets aren't coming up as bright as I'd like. I'll have a try at some point, and then decide which looks better!

Ok, so not a quick update, but realised I had more to say than I originally thought! Now enjoy some pictures :)

Added some pictures of the cadian conversions I've been doing as well - just waiting for the head sculpts by Col. Gravis to arrive, and wait for the start of the epaulettes to cure so I can finish them off. Damn you holiday post!

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