Monday, 29 August 2011

Who wants to name a tank?

Well, I promised some better pictures of my Veteran squad, and so here they are!

Even though they're not quite finished, with just little bits of detail here and there to do (facial hair, aquila's, etc) I'm really pleased with the results. The three plasma gunners were converted from the Forgeworld Cadian Hazardous Environment troopers, and it was very simple to do a head swap, and even manage to salvage the top part of their backpacks to use as demo charges! All that's left to do now is to paint the squad's vox caster and Autocannon team.

I've also finally 'bit-the-bullet' and painted a tank for these men - the first tank I've painted for a long time, as I've never managed to paint one to a standard that I'm happy with... Until now.

And here we have my Plasma-cutioner! Again, this tank isn't quite finished, with just some scorch marks to add around the barrel of the main gun, and to also add some decals to give it some character, but as I've never been any good with painting tanks before, I'm really happy. I'm also really pleased with the plasma coils, which have come out really well. I will be painting some plasma cannons for the sponsons to replace the multi-meltas, as there's nothing more terrifying than 5 Plasma cannon blasts coming from this tank in a turn!

Here's a question for all of you though - what should I call this beasty? And here's some more piccies.

All the best,



  1. Call it the 'Catechism of Hate' or something like that. I've got an Eradicator that I call 'Sword of the Emperor'. Looking great man :)

  2. How about Pride of the Empire. It fits in both the 40th Millennium and the Victorian era. It is a little long and if you plan to put it on the tank than maybe not so good.

    With all the plasma glow, maybe Aurora could work.

  3. Lovely job on the vets, they look just the part!

    For the tank, how about Hammer of Justice, or Hammer of the Throne? If any tank is a hammer, its gonna be an Executioner for dealing with those pesky terminators!

  4. thanks for the suggestions guys, they've given me some great ideas! I think I'll call this one 'Imperial Hammer', and it's twin 'Aurora Imperialis'. Now to paint some manticores!

  5. Now Capt Harris have you been stealing ideas from me? Good on you mate you have done a great job I really like what you have done, and the tank looks great. You could have saved yourself a little bit of time as the normal special teams for the Cadians come without the heads, so there's no chopping involved. But you have done a great job.

    To be honest I wouldn't really name it, I don't name mine. But what I have started doing is putting the Praetoria transfer on mine. Which you can get from the Forgeworld Imperial Guard transfer sheet.

  6. Oh no Commissar Dave, not again! It seems we're always going to be having the same ideas! Though I must admit, seeing how good your Praetorian conversions turned out, did finalise my decision to do some myself!

    I know I could have used the plasma guns from the Cadian sprues, but I wanted them to look like they were using them in 'rifle drill' - as if the plasma-rifle were the Praetorian weapon of choice.

    I do have a nice conversion for my Praetorian representation of Jarren Kell that I'll be showing off as soon as the greenstuff sets - watch this space!

  7. That sounds cool. I didn't mean that nasty thing on the sprue, I ment the Forgeworld ones. Before they did Haz cadians, they did them as normal special weapon cadians in the same style, only diffrence being they come without heads.

    It's no probs using each other to bounce off it just shows we think alike.

    I like the idea behind Kell have you used the original model? I have done a model based on Colour Sergeant Bourne out of Zulu, and I am thinking of using the stats of Sergeant Bastonne. Not sure yet.

  8. ah, I see what you mean now! tbh, I didn't realise that FW had done those before, and unfortunately they're no longer on their website to order! oh well, just more chopping for me!

    As for Kell - I've used the body of a DKoK command squad member that I had from when I did the head-swap for my commander, with a simple head swap and then a bit of kit-bashing. I've only needed to do a very little bit of GS work, which was to rebuild the shoulders after I repositioned the arms to my liking. I'll pop a picture up today so you can see what I've done. I'd love your input!