Friday, 19 August 2011

Finally, some time for me! (And my models)

Well, the missus has taken my son on holiday with her family for the week (I couldn't go because of work commitments) and so I've finally got some time to get some serious painting done! I'm planning on finishing my veterans squad and company command this week, and also start painting a Leman Russ Plasma-cutioner.

Slight problem though... I've gone to take some pictures, and realised my wife has taken the camera with her! gah! So, apologies for the quality of the pictures, their from a camera phone. I promise I'll take some better ones once she's back.

I've pretty much finished the sergeant and three 'wound counters' (as I call them) though I do need to highlight up the pith helmets with dheneb stone.

The weapons aren't really doing it for me though. I'd struggled with picking a colour and settled on a wooden-style look, but I don't think it looks right. Any suggestions for an alternative?

I've also converted 3 Cadian Hazardous Environment plasma gunners into Praetorians, using a simple head swap and by trimming off the respirator unit, whilst leaving the plasma ammo canister intact.

Once again I need some help with the colour of the weapons, and also, How do you think I should paint the canisters on the backs? I was thinking metal, as white would just blend into the body armour. Or, I could always paint them the same colour as the guns.

As always, any comments or criticisms are really appreciated! Plus it should help keep me motivated on posting more often!

Best, Dan

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