Monday, 7 March 2011

I'm Alive!

Hello everyone! Yes, I am in fact still alive!

Firstly, an apology for not updating my blog recently - the combination of uni work, a wife doing the same, and a teething baby have left me very little time for painting!

Secondly, another apology for the very little painting I have done, as it's not on my praetorians! I've been involved in a little painting challenge with a friend of mine - who can paint their monstrous creature in a week! I've got until Wednesday to finish, so here's how it is so far:

The Griffon is mostly done, with just the wings (and that damn annoying bit of paint on one of its's claws! grr!) to do, and to finish off the rider, but I'm pretty pleased with the results tbh! You may notice Gen. Melchett running away in the background... that's simply because he's finished now, and didn't want his newly painted coat to be torn to shreds!

So you know, it's wasn't em who named my general 'Melchett', but when my friend saw him on my painting table, the first thing he said was "Meeeeehhhh!!!!" (a la Stephen Fry).

I've been working on some Praetorian snipers recently too, using greenstuff to rebuild the shoulders after converting them from Cadian snipers. As soon as the epaulettes are finished curing, I'll show them off to everyone and begin the painting! More frequent updates to follow!


  1. First off I know what you mean my son is also teething, and work has taken over at the moment. Nice paint job so far on the griffon, I do like how you got the pure white body with the shading. I am also glad to see you have finished your general he is looking rather smart now, his coat is very impressive.